John Hendriks Milly                             

My original intention was to use Milly,   MIL 4686, as a base whilst                    
working abroad as a Private boat captain , my full title would be 'RYA
YachtMaster Ocean Instructor Sail and Power' I am commercially indorsed
to captain any vessel up to 24 meters in length up to 200 gross
registered tonnes any where in the world, I also teach this subject.

I purchased Milly on 2nd January 2000, she was on a vehicle breakers
fore court I was told of her whereabouts by a good friend who at the
time worked for Mr David Rundell a bus/ coach  enthusiast who has the
restored "King Harry Ferry" and restored "Panoramic" commercial coaches.
I Paid 850 for Milly she was red then and had a roller door at the
back where a stock car was ramped in. Where the stock car ended a
bulkhead divided the "garage" and the basic living accommodation. She
had been used  for a base and transportation of a vehicle for stock car

I stored Milly at my uncles 'waste transportation yard' where I work on
her until she was broken into by vandals they smashed all her dashboard
instruments some of her windows and tried to light a fire in the middle                  
of her floor.
I removed the rest of her windows, insulated her and boarded her out on
the inside, friends helped ,we serviced the injectors, striped a life
time of paint and moved her to Mr Rundell's commercial garage where she
was etched , primed and painted, at the end of the weekend she was
moved to my house in Mabe, this is where she has stayed for the last
four years.
I searched for insurance at the time and soon found out that if not
'completed correctly' she would be a difficult thing to insure, my
original idea of completing her whilst living abroad was a far fetched
I was called away to work and it is only in the last two years that I
have been able to properly attend to her.

I have spent at least 18 months of work and possibly approaching two
years of effort in restoring Milly to her present standard every thing
I have done has been done at least twice built shaped fitted tested taken apart glued painted refitted, all of the works I have done by                      
myself and with the help of friends at painting time.

I hope the photos do her justice as I am proud of my effort and the
standard I have achieved.

She has;   One double bed aft and two bench seats/beds forward,  if
more than four people are to sleep then floor space would need to be
The heating is a small pot belly stove, I understand that this does not
appeal to an insurer but from my thinking it is safer and better than
gas/oil as it can not be left to run unattended.  I have fully tested
this stove and made adjustments to my internal design to increase its
safety. The stove stands on a steel plate base, surrounding the stove
are radiators these transfer the heat into a 'central heating system'
in a reverse action compared to that of a house, the heat from the
stove warms the radiators the hot water rises to a small header tank in
the top of the wardrobe, a pipe with 25mm internal diameter runs around
the internal edge of  Milly as one complete loop, dispersing the heat
as it goes,  all other areas that are exposed to the stove have been                         
covered with light steel creating a 25mm protective air gap. Again I
have fully tested this system I have pushed it to its limits with
respects to the amount of heat it can produce , worked next to it
checking it through two winters, if not refuelled within 20mins at full
blast it will go out, I believe it posses less threat than a pilot
light on a gas fridge. The flue rises up and down, this maintains
Milly's original external shape when not in use, this prevents her from
looking like some travellers wagon. I would welcome any test should you
see fit.
Milly has a 12v/ gas, fridge and a, 2 ringed grill/oven cooker, this is
to boat safety standards, the cooker has anti knock valves, i.e. gas
will not flow unless the control knobs are held in, the gas must then                      
be alight for about 15 seconds before releasing . Should the gas be
'blown out' gas flow will stop as the control element cools.
There is a shower/toilet room, this has been laminated with glass fibre
and resin to form a wet room, the central heating runs through this
area twice to reduce any condensation.
Hot water is provided with a 1.2 kw under sink heater the power for
this and battery charging comes from the on board diesel generator.
The generator is fitted below floor level and with safety in mind
between the stored water and grey water tanks. I have one of 3 fire
extinguishers in this area which I plan to have valve's to the
generator compartment and/or the engine area, the generator compartment
also has a 240v extractor fan, the exhaust is piped externally.
Service batteries are of 12v and 24v. The 12v run the internal lights
and stereo whilst the 24v act as back up starting and 240v supply veer
an inverter. All are Isolatable.