History Of Member Owned Buses

Bus owned by Mark Golding  Pleasant Mount, PA


from this point it went to Miami Tours in 1979 then was bought by a fellow in Wilkes Barre, Pa and used till around 1985 then sold to Revel Trains or Market Street Square then in 1998 it was sold to Bob Zabattie in Honesdale, Pa. I got it from him when he was going to have it crushed. Please check out the in the works pages for what's happening now. 

 Bus owned by Tony Juncale , San Francisco , Ca.
Delivered new in 1962 as Midland General 509, it was then renumbered 609 in 1968, the again renumbered 685 in 1972.  It passed to Trent as its 685 in 1976 and was withdrawn in 1977 going via various dealers to the USA by 1979 when it arrived in San Francisco.                                                             
Midland General & Trent all operated in the Nottingham area.
It is one of only 218 FSF's built as most of the front entrance Lodekka's were the longer FLF.
It was the ticket seller on Union Square who told me about the bus. 


Bus owned by, Gilmore Car Museum , Kalamazoo , MI   

History to be added

Bus owned by , Fairview Inn , Midland , MI                                           

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Bus owned by,  Vance Sprock ,Cupertino, CA                         

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              John Roye's Leyland National                                            

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